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This week on The Crafty Maven Getaway Podcast we are chatting with my Host Tanya Hubbard and co-host Lisa Heroux about Random Embellishments.

    It seems lately we have been seeing a lot of random embellishments, or embellishments that are harder to use because their an odd embellishment to use on a scrapbook page or crafty project without a specific purpose. We chat about what makes an embellishment random. We chat about our hardest embellishments to use. How demographics, like where we live effects an embellishment and it’s randomness. We chat about How trends in fashion and home decor effect randomness of objects. We also talk about how we overcome or use these embellishment pieces, and embrace the random. 

   We end the podcast chasing about the Inspiration piece that Host Hannah Lemieux made for the week of November 15- 21st. You can find that piece on the FB page

   You can find more inspiration and crafty projects and scrapbook pages on out blog, thecraftymavengetaway.wordpress.com or our Youtube Channel

 You can find more inspiration from our Hosts on The Crafty Maven Getaway Podcast on their personal youtube channel. 

    Tanya Hubbard

    Lisa Heroux

     Hannah Lemieux


Here are some other things we mentioned on the podcast that you can find out more about.

      Faith Hope Washi FB group


      Deer Heads


      Hip Kits December Documented Kit

      Shimelle Laine

      Wilna Furstenberg

       Irit Landgraf


      Pink Paislee Cedar Lane

      Live Inspired Podcast by Tracie Claiborne


If you have any questions or comments about random embellishments and how you use them, feel free to leave your comments below. We love to hear what your thoughts on our topic is. 

Have and Inspired Week

Music from our intro and intro can be found at http://www.purple-planet.com: Feelin Good


The Crafty Maven Getaway Podcast Episode 1: The start of a new Journey for The Crafty Maven Getaway
The Crafty Maven Getaway is a Youtube Channel of Crafty Youtubers who share there creations and process based on a weekly inspiration piece. This Crafty Youtube channel has a range of crafters to help inspire other crafters. There is a new video of a different theme every day.The Channel was started and founded by Youtuber Hannah Lemieux.
This episode on the podcast we will go into detail about The Crafty Maven Getaway Youtube Channel, it's themes. We will also talk about our mission in doing the podcast. You will also get to know the hosts Hannah Lemieux and Tanya Hubbard. 
We really want to chat about crafty topics and help inspire and encourage the crafty community. 
You can find more about The Crafty Maven Getaway by heading over to the blog, https://thecraftymavengetaway.wordpress.com. There are links to other places you can find The Crafty Maven Getaway and the process videos up on the Youtube Channel. 

Intro Music for the Crafty Maven Getaway was from http://www.purple-planet.com, Feelin Good.

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